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Meeting point: Markt hal

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If you want to know more about Rotterdam, you must take this walking tour with a Rotterdammer!

Walk with us in Rotterdam and learn all about the long history this modern city offers. Rotterdam began as a fisherman’s village 800 years ago! With the ideal location on the big rivers of Europe, it became an industrial and trading power. Until German bombers destroyed the center of Rotterdam at the beginning of the World War Two! Now a rebuilt Rotterdam has a unique old and new architecture with a modern urban lifestyle. With Free walking tour Rotterdam you will get the great story of this diverse city!

Today a rebuilt Rotterdam has the unique stories to tell, buildings to show and history to share. With Free walking tour Rotterdam, you will get the great story of this diverse city!

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Rotterdam is the second largest city a most see on your visit in the Netherlands. Rotterdam gives a great view of the futuristic modern dutch architecture.  With the cube houses and the brand new Markt Hall on the tour that attracts worldwide architecture lovers!

With Free walking tour Rotterdam I will show where and how bad the city was bombed in the second world war. With this most of the old center was lost. So you have to know the places in town. Together we can discover the great historic stories between the modern architecture.

The diverse multiethnic community gives a great variation of shops and restaurants. Join me on my next Free walking tour in Rotterdam and I will tell you where to go what to do in this marvelous harbor town Rotterdam!


Proudly born and raised in the Rotterdam district, my native town will always be the place I come back to. Being a world traveler myself, I understand it takes a local to experience any metropole to the max. A true underdog, tourists have only recently discovered the city’s brawl and unique skyline. But there’s far more to discover…

Hidden under a layer of postmodern architecture, I invite you to uncover the Rotterdam’s history and charm. Although Rotterdam lost its heart on May 14th, 1940, it never lost its soul. With a strong ‘work hard/play hard’ ethic, a new Rotterdam was built from the ashes, to celebrate its premium soccer team’s championship on the same date in 2017.

Come along, and find out how this city sets itself apart from every other typical Dutch town. Listen to an insider’s stories about the art and city landmarks, and explore the streets where the real Rotterdammer thanks, God it’s Friday. See you in ‘010’!


Born in Rotterdam, educated in Rotterdam, lived all my life in this town without a heart, Altstadt as the Germans say, but the Rotterdam free walking tour with Hans will steal your heart.

As a visitor to my hometown, I will give you the Rotterdam story of 6500000 Rotterdammers with 175 nationalities and their harbor city, the North and South gap, Erasmus, great architecture like Cubical houses and much more during the Rotterdam free walking tour. The Rotterdam story starts in 1270 and I will guide you through almost 800 years in just 2 hours and a walk of 5 kilometers starting at the amazing Central Station through the center towards Erasmus bridge which closed the North-South gap!

Free walking tour Rotterdam is a must do for everybody how wants the know the ins and out of Rotterdam from a Rotterdamer!

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Private tour

During this 2 hour tour, we cover

Erasmus of Rotterdam

Why has Erasmus a bridge and university named after him? What made Erasmus of Rotterdam so special?


tour rotterdam

World war 2 bombardment 

Discover how big and devastating the WW2 bombardment on Rotterdam was, and how this changed the history of Rotterdam and the Netherlands.
Architecture of Rotterdam today

Futuristic  architecture

Rotterdam is also known as Manhattan on the Meuse, because of its impressive skyline. See for yourself why Rotterdam has such a fantastic reputation when it comes down to architecture.

Port of Europe

By connecting the North Sea and the great rivers, Rotterdam is also known as the gateway to Europe with the largest harbor of Europe.

If you really want to see the best of Rotterdam you have to take the Free walking tour in Rotterdam! With this Free tour, we will take you on a two-hour walk, to see the best that Rotterdam has to offer. Walking tours take you where boat or bus tours never can! We are going to get you up close and personal with the highlights of Rotterdam: Markthal, Kubus houses, Erasmus Bridge and the Old Harbor.

We are going to take the time to really see, enjoy, appreciate and photograph the best that Rotterdam has to offer. We travel along the most famous streets in town. The Rotterdam Free Walking Tour, works on a pay what you like bases. Which means you get to set the price for the walking tour. It also means we try to give you the best possible tour! Because our guides work hard to keep you entertained and work for your appreciation. We will soon be available on Tripadvisor Rotterdam! Remember to review the great tour!

Whether you’re in Rotterdam for the first time or the hundred and first, we know we can tell you stories and show you sites that you have never seen before. Free Walking Tour Rotterdam perfectly match top quality guiding with budget-friendly travel, to provide the best walking tour in Rotterdam. So keep following this site to see when we start with our free walking tours in Rotterdam!

Hope to see you soon!


“What customers say ”

We took the tour with Vincent who was a super fun tour guide and knew a great deal about Rotterdam. He also offered great tips on what to do with the rest of the day and was happy to answer any question that might pop into your head. He really told the History in a fun and entertaining way!

In the 2 (short) hours of the walking tour you really get to know the city Rotterdam very well. Definitely, would recommend to anyone 🙂 Thanks, Vincent!

Justus Kuijt

Our guide was Tim. He was very nice and funny, he took the time to tell us a lot of fun facts that you don’t find on travel guides. The tour lasts for a couple of hours where you don’t stop much anywhere, but you can get an idea of what you want to look at better after it.

I recommend it to get to know the city Rotterdam 🙂 we also exchanged food advice with the guide, so we will eat at the witte de wit straat! Thanks for the tour, highly recommended!

Fernande Deelder

The free walking tour has been the best choice that I could do. It was stimulating and interesting, thanks to all the information that gave us our guide Hans, a smart guy with a great sense of humor that has made everything so much fun and exciting. We really get the time to understand the history.

Thanks to his way to tell and explain, I believe that I will never forget what I have learned, from the history of the city to the amusing curiosities! Do this tour!

Lynette Towers

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