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Booking A Tour FAQ

What to do if my payment is not working?2023-10-31T12:13:44+00:00

If you get stuck on the payment screen, or your transaction is not confirmed, there are several reasons why this could happen. Perform the following checks to locate the issue:

  1. Check your internet connection. If your connection is slow or not secure, online transaction may be aborted for security reasons. This may happen if you are trying to book on public WiFi (like on an airport or train station), or when connecting to a busy hotspot (like a cafe or restaurant).
  2. Make sure you didn’t perform an online transaction shortly before. If you perform multiple online transactions with the same information in a short timespan, an anti-fraud protection prevents duplicate transactions for protection against theft. This may also happen, if you made a mistake when entering your card details or CVV number and re-entered them. Wait for a few minutes and try again.
  3. Check if your online payment system is down. If you are paying via online banking, visit your bank’s website or phone application to ensure that your bank is still up and running. If you are using an electronic payment system like PayPal or SEPA, visit their website to check if their services are temporarily down.
  4. If you are paying with card, verify if it is valid. When your card is declined, it is usually because it went past its expiry date, or you have reached the maximum number of transactions. Try a different method or contact your bank.

If these steps won’t resolve the issue, send us an email. We will attend to your email within 24 hours.

If I cancel my tour, is the booking fee refunded?2024-04-30T14:33:17+00:00

The booking fee is refundable until 24 hours before the start time of the cancelled tour. Please note that it may take up to 10 days before you see the refund in your account. For more information, visit our Cancel & Refund Policy page.

Didn’t receive a cancellation email? Send us an email, mentioning the 4-digit order number that you received (check your email for reference). We will make sure you receive the amount to your account.

Why do I pay a booking fee for a free tour?2024-05-26T09:53:37+00:00

When you join a tour, you are charged a €2,00 booking fee per attendee. These costs cover the following:

€1,61 booking fee:

  • A guarantee of your reservation, both for you and for us.
  • Our work on the backend, organizing & managing our tours and guides.
  • Marketing & website maintenance, so you can find us when looking for the best tour in Rotterdam.
  • Being there for you when you contact us!

€0,39 transaction fee for electronic payments

The booking fee can be paid when you make an online booking. For more information about the fee and our cancellation policy, visit our Booking Fee & Cancellation Policy page.

The bookings fee is for the Free walking tour community 

For the tour guides the amount you tip is up to you, Free tours have no fixed cost, and the amount you pay is up to you!

Can I change or cancel the reservation?2022-04-11T11:09:32+00:00

No problem! You can cancel the tour at anytime in your confirmation email through this button:

Can I change or cancel the reservation?

You can make a new reservation on your preferred date & time. If you need further assistance, send us an email.

Can I reserve the tour for more than 6 people?2023-07-17T12:01:35+00:00

Our booking system allows reservations for a maximum of 6 people per booking. Our experience shows us that other attendees appreciate smaller groups within the tour. It keeps the tour up to speed and it’s easier to make new friends between smaller groups. We kindly ask you to respect this.

If you are visiting with a larger group, consider booking a Private Walking Tour of Rotterdam. You will have full attention of your own guide and it leaves more space for improvisation during the tour.

Do you still wish to join a Free Tour with a group larger than 6 people? If we have enough availability, you can make multiple reservations in our booking system under the same name and email address.

Why is a tour date/time not available in the booking calendar?2023-03-28T10:57:17+00:00

All tours for this date are fully booked. Please consider another date or time to come and see Rotterdam.

If you really want to come on this date and have a larger group, consider taking a Private Walking Tour of Rotterdam. You can enjoy Rotterdam with your own private guide!

How do I know if my booking is received?2023-03-28T10:58:31+00:00

After choosing your date & time and entering your name & email address, you are taken to this screen:

How do I know if my booking is received?

Make sure to click on the BOOK NOW button to confirm your submission. If your booking is recorded, you will see this screen:

How do I know if my booking is received?

An email is sent to your email address for further reference.

Didn’t receive anything? There are several possibilities why this happens:

  • The email address was entered with a typo
  • The confirmation email is recognized as spam (check your spam folder!)
  • Our booking confirmation isn’t working correctly

No worries, your booking is surely recorded if you saw the screen above. If you wish to receive the details anyways, please send us an email.

What languages are the tours given in?2023-12-19T15:56:39+00:00

The daily tours are given in English. In the summer season, we also organize Free Walking Tours in Spanish. We offer paid private tours in English, Spanish and Dutch. For more information about private tours, visit our Guided Tour webpage.

Arianna Bernardi
Arianna Bernardi
Excelente experiencia
Chris Page
Chris Page
An excellent tour. Fun and informative. Highly recommended
Verena Kunz
Verena Kunz
Hans was a really great tour guide with a lot of good insides :)
Cindy R
Cindy R
The walking tour of Rotterdam was well worth the time. Our guide, Mewis, was welcoming, knowledgeable and humorous. I will never look at Santa Claus the same way again!
We had a really nice walk through the city with Mewis! It was very instructive and Mewis always had a funny story to add to the history of the city!
Graciela Puente-Martinez
Graciela Puente-Martinez
Our guide was great! Made sure we were comfortable as we were walking in the rain a bit. Tour took us to some interesting sites.
Carmen Chan
Carmen Chan
Had a fantastic time on a walking tour of Rotterdam with Mewis! He is charming and funny with a real love for the city. I loved learning about the historical facts and the quirks of Rotterdam. I highly recommend this when visiting! We were lucky enough to fit it in on a day trip to Rotterdam!
Location Free walking tour Rotterdam

Meeting point: Markthal main entrance
Free Walking Tour Rotterdam

Daily tours
Start Free tour Rotterdam 13:30

Duration: 2 hours
English flag

Language: English

Join Our Free Tour And Experience Rotterdam Like A Local!

Experience the European harbor capital in a unique way, combining next level architecture with an explosive history. On May 14th 1940, the city centre was destroyed by German bombs. Unshakeable -like its people-, the city rose from its ashes to become the cultural hub it is today. Join the next tour and discover why our tour remains the #1 walking tour in our beloved city.

Free Walking Tour Rotterdam

The Legacy Of Erasmus

Dive into the history of Rotterdam and find out why this native of the city had a university and a bridge named after him. See where he lived and learn how he still ties scholars from around the world to our city.

Free Walking Tour Rotterdam

WWII Bombardment

When the nazis invaded the city on 14 May 1940, most of the city center was brought to the ground. Discover how the bombardment has affected the history and future of both Rotterdam and the Netherlands.

Free Walking Tour Rotterdam

Futuristic Architecture

Sometimes referred to as Manhattan on the Meuse, there is something unique and exhilarating about the architectural style across the city. Gaze at towering skyscrapers, peculiar buildings and learn about the logistic troubles that came with the more unconventional constructions of the city.

Free Walking Tour Rotterdam

Port Of Europe

Europe’s largest harbor plays an essential role in the history of our city, transforming a small fishing town into the industrial hub it is today. Stride along the throbbing artery that pumps into the Meuse and the Rhine & into the waterways of Western Europe.


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