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Experience the European harbor capital in a unique way, combining futuristic architecture with an explosive history. Founded as a small fisherman’s village 800 years ago, Rotterdam grew into a powerful industrial force due to its strategic location alongside the big European rivers. On May 14th 1940, the city centre was destroyed by German bombs. Unshakeable -like its people-, the city rose from its ashes to become the cultural hub it is today. Join the next tour, every day at 13:30 (1:30pm). Saturday we run an extra morning tour at 10:30(am).

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During this 2 hour tour, we cover

Erasmus of Rotterdam

Why has Erasmus a bridge and university named after him? Join the Free Walking Tour Rotterdam and find out what connects this historical figure to the city.


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World War II bombardment 

Discover the devastating impact of the WW2 bombardment on the city, and how this changed the history of both Rotterdam and the Netherlands.
Architecture of Rotterdam today

Futuristic  architecture

Also known as Manhattan on the Meuse, Rotterdam has a unique and exhilarating skyline. See for yourself why Rotterdam has such a fantastic reputation when it comes down to architecture.

Port of Europe

By connecting the North Sea and the great rivers, Rotterdam is also known as the gateway to Europe with the largest harbor of Europe.

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“What customers say ”

We took the tour with Vincent who was a super fun tour guide and knew a great deal about Rotterdam. He also offered great tips on what to do with the rest of the day and was happy to answer any question that might pop into your head. He really told the History in a fun and entertaining way!

In the 2 (short) hours of the walking tour you really get to know the city Rotterdam very well. Definitely, would recommend to anyone 🙂 Thanks, Vincent!

Justus Kuijt

Our guide was Tim. He was very nice and funny, he took the time to tell us a lot of fun facts that you don’t find on travel guides. The tour lasts for a couple of hours where you don’t stop much anywhere, but you can get an idea of what you want to look at better after it.

I recommend it to get to know the city Rotterdam 🙂 we also exchanged food advice with the guide, so we will eat at the witte de wit straat! Thanks for the tour, highly recommended!

Fernande Deelder

The free walking tour has been the best choice that I could do. It was stimulating and interesting, thanks to all the information that gave us our guide Hans, a smart guy with a great sense of humor that has made everything so much fun and exciting. We really get the time to understand the history.

Thanks to his way to tell and explain, I believe that I will never forget what I have learned, from the history of the city to the amusing curiosities! Do this tour!

Lynette Towers

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