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The Free Rivers & Architecture Tour of Rotterdam

Tread across the skyline of the city of water & bricks, explore its majestic bridges, skyscrapers & hidden street art on the blue collar side of the river. The Southbank of Rotterdam marks Rotterdam’s great transformation from WWII into an upcoming urban hotspot.

Rivers & Architecture Tour
Language: English
Every Friday at 16:00 (4pm) & every Saturday at 10:30am
Duration: 2 hours
Starting Point: Market Hall
End Point: Hotel New York (near Water Taxi)
End Point: Hotel New York (near Water Taxi)
This free tour is tip-based, we charge a €1,89 booking fee to secure your spot
This free tour is tip-based, we charge a €1,89 booking fee to secure your spot


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Can I change or cancel the reservation?

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The daily tours are given in English. In the summer season, we also organize Free Walking Tours in Spanish. We offer paid private tours in English, Spanish and Dutch. For more information about private tours, visit our Guided Tour webpage.

Meeting Point

Rivers & Architecture Tour
Rivers & Architecture Tour

Walk Along The Great Bridges Of Rotterdam

Dive into the South of Rotterdam by walking across the Willemsbrug (Williams’ Bridge) with great views of the infamous Erasmus Bridge. While the city was founded on the river Rotte, the waterway of the Meuse river was more important for the growing harbor town. ‘If you have not crossed the river, you have not seen Rotterdam!’

Learn how the river brought Jackie Chan, Jeff Bezos and Madonna together

The river Meuse not only divides Rotterdam in two parts, it also connects people. Find out how Rotterdam’s architecture brought these names to our humble city and hear the stories that beat the celebrity gossip to pulp.

Rivers & Architecture Tour
Rivers & Architecture Tour

From the ashes of WWII: Locate the new city center of Rotterdam

Around 1870, Rotterdam made the jump from the Northbank to the Southbank. Farms were replaced by harbors, cows by houses and the remains of 1940’s bombings by towering skyscrapers – like the eponymous Rotterdam Tower and the Maastoren (Meuse Tower). Today, it’s growing into a multicultural and commercial hub, strategically located around the city’s most important harbors.

Understand the do’s and dont’s of the Southbank

Rotterdam South is a world on its own, marked by its street art and work hard/play hard mentality. Its the hometown of the Feyenoord football team, so never ever mention the word ‘Ajax’ here. People from the Southside proudly call this part of the city ‘the farmers side’. This tour explains you why.

Rivers & Architecture Tour
Rivers & Architecture Tour

Take a boat trip at the end of the tour

The tour ends at Hotel New York, which is located close to the Swan (nickname of the Erasmus Bridge). From this location, you can walk back across the bridge, ride the metro or take a Water Taxi. Bookings can be made on the spot, or ask your guide at the start of the tour. At the end you can also go tot the many bars and restaurants in the south, check out the Deliplein while you’re there!

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