Top 5 Pubs and Bars Rotterdam Locals Go To

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Experiencing the Dutch way of life can only be made complete by getting a feel of their nightlife. If you're the type who would want to immerse yourself with experiences that stay true to their nature, then you may have probably thought about this every time you visit a new place, where do the locals [...]

8 Free Things to Do in Rotterdam

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The city of Rotterdam always keeps it fresh, modern and vibrant when it comes to its food, culture, and architectural feats which made it quickly come to the top of everybody's travel destination list. Really, what's not to love? Cube houses, horseshoe-shaped market and basically being a city that never sleeps? So if you're planning [...]

5 Must-See Museums in Rotterdam, Netherlands

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Your trip to a foreign city won't be complete without paying a visit to a museum that could A better way to get to know a place's history than reading is experiencing it. Here's a short and efficient list of all 5 museums you should check out when in Rotterdam: 1.Kijk-Kubus First on our list [...]

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