Meet our guides from Rotterdam!

We are true Rotterdammers at heart, down-to-earth, hard working and with a touch of dry humor. Rotterdam isn’t the easiest city to explore, because of its spread out city centre. Carrying the city in our back pocket, we will show you the best places of interest and how to walk through the city like a local.

Guide & Photography Lover

Rotterdam, the city where I was born and educated in Tourism Management. As a photography lover, Rotterdam is by far my favorite place to be. Join the next tour with me and I will show you why I love this city so much.


City Guide, Trainer & World Traveller

I was born and raised in a small place near Rotterdam, now I live in the heart of this wonderful city for more than 25 years. I love to take people around and show them how beautiful this city is to tell them about the colorful, but dark history of Rotterdam. With so much to see, I look forward to show you around!


Guide & Rotterdam Enthusiast

Rotterdam is running through my veins.
I was born and raised here, I have lived all my life in this fascinating city. As a guide I hope to share my passion for Rotterdam with you. I am sure this city will earn forever a special place in your heart.


History Student & Rotterdammert at Heart & Soul

While many people think Rotterdam isn’t a very history city, I love to show them exactly how interesting the history of this modern Dutch city actually is. As a history student at the Erasmus University and having lived in the city for all of my life, I combine both my passions into my work. I know many interesting stories about the city, which I love to share with people from all over the world.


Guide & Feyenoorder

Born, raised and educated in the city, I can call myself a true Rotterdammert! I love to meet people on my own journeys across the world, which is why I love to tell you about the history and the people of my hometown. From the starting days of Rotta as a small fishermen’s village, via the bombing of WWII to today with the iconic buildings and vibes. Since I am a die-hard Feyenoord fan and a great lover of food & drinks, you will also get the insights on those aspects!


Guide & Rotterdam Enthusiast

I love Rotterdam and look forward to showing you my city.


Guide & Rotterdam Enthusiast

I love Rotterdam and look forward to showing you my city.


Guide & Stand-up Comedian

I combine tour guiding with my second profession: Stand-up Comedian. So it will be facts & fun through that great town of Rotterdam. Hope to see you soon!



Guide & Rotterdam Enthusiast

I have never lived in another city and will definitely never leave the city I love most. As a food lover and passionate traveller myself, I like to combine both of these passions into my work as a tour guide. See you on my next tour!


City Guide

“I saw my city turn from a grey and ugly place into a beautiful swan.”